Detroit is home to the lowest-rated restaurant in the state.

One of Michigan’s lowest-rated restaurants is located in Detroit. According to Yelp, this restaurant has a 1.0-star rating, which is pretty much the worst in the state when you subtract all of the terribly rated fast food franchises like Burger King, McDonald’s, and such.

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So, what is the so-called 'worst-rated restaurant' in the state? The honor goes to Hungry House, which is located on Mack Avenue in Detroit. Full disclosure, it is possible that there might be a restaurant with a lower rating than that, but after a couple of hours of searching, this is the only 1-star restaurant we could find. (If you know of one with a lower Yelp rating, please let us know because we just have to know what it is. Maybe we'll put it to the test.)


Now, this rating may not be entirely fair. On Yelp, Hungry House only has two reviews and both are bad. I wouldn't say that is a broad spectrum of reviews so take the rating with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it was the lowest rated. We urge you to go there and try it out for yourself. Odds are, those two people who left reviews were just having a bad day, and the food is actually pretty good.

What is the Menu Like at This Detroit Restaurant?

The menu at Hungry House includes lamb chops, shrimp & catfish, chicken, burgers, pasta, lobster tails, and more.

Have you eaten at Hungry House in Detroit? I'm curious to know what your thoughts are. I personally don't give much thought to reviews on Yelp as there are so many people with an axe to grind about everything. People love complaining and talking badly about everything. The best thing to do is see for yourself.

Source: Yelp

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