If you watch television, you're all to familiar with companies offering you serious money for your old gold or offering to sell you gold coins for pennies on the dollar.  A lot of the time the offers seem too good to be true, which is a good sign that you're dealing with a scam.  Check out the story involving Michaganders getting swindled.

Personally, I think all these Cash for Gold scams are the work of one Mr. Scrooge McDuck.  He's basically gold crazy and he's not afraid to break some rules to get what he wants.

But Bay City Police have a different idea of what happened, as they have launched a criminal investigation into an Illinois based company who held a Cash for Gold event in Bay City.  In mid-July, THR Associates offered to buy gold from residents, paying for the metal with checks.  The checks all bounced, leaving people frustrated, scammed and moneyless.  THR Associates also left without paying the bill for the hotel they used. THR Associates is based in Illinois but investigators have yet to be able to make contact.

If anyone is dealing with an issue with THR contact MSP Trooper James Willing at the Bay City post at 989-684-2234.
Source: WNEM