How many times have you played along to a television game show from the comfort of your own couch? You know the drill, screaming out the answer before an actual contestant does or screaming at a contestant through the TV for being stupid. I have been there and done that.

It sure is easy to play along from the comfort of home. No cameras on us, no real pressure to win actual cash and prizes - we seem to know it all from the couch. How would you really do as a contestant on an actual game show? Honestly, I know I would freeze.

That was certainly not the case for one Mid Michigan woman who won a brand new car and $1000 recently on The Price Is Right. Just yesterday, Vicki Pursley was a contestant on the popular game show and won big.

Pursley was called to come on down and play '10 Chances'. If you are not familiar, here is the game description,

The contestant is given a total of ten chances to write down the prices of a two-digit prize, a three-digit prize, and a car. The contestant is shown three digits, two of which are the price of the two-digit prize.

Once that is won, the contestant is shown four digits, three of which are the price of the three-digit prize. If that is won, then the contestant is shown the five digits in the price of the car.

According to WLNS, Vicki did well playing the game and had seven chances to win the car. From there the lucky Michigander had the opportunity to spin to compete in the Showcase Showdown. What happened next is pretty incredible.

Vicki Pursley was the second person in line to spin the big wheel. The contestant before her landed on the 1 dollar slot which means a win of $1000 instantly. As you may have guessed already, when Pursley took her spin - she landed on the dollar spot too and also scored $1000 and did indeed make it to the Showcase Showdown.

Unfortunately, Pursley did not win the Showcase Showdown, but hey - you can't win them all. Enjoy your new ride and your cash Vicki, way to go!

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