A Wisconsin mom faces charges after allegedly attacking a 12-year old boy for hitting her and her son in the face with a dodge-ball. The incident was all a misunderstanding, according to 27-year old Dominique Jude, who faces up to 90 days in jail if convicted on criminal disorderly conduct charges.

The Huffington Post reports that the attack happened at a birthday party at Sky Zone indoor trampoline park during a game of trampoline dodge-ball. It has been said that Jude grabbed the child and screamed profanities at him, and she didn't stop there. She is also accused of trying to get the other kids to throw their balls at his face! In an off camera interview with a local news crew, she said the staff failed to intervene when she got injured. She also admitted to grabbing the boy, but says she only asked him how he would like getting hit in the face with a dodge-ball.

After reading this story, I'm glad our dodge-ball tournament this weekend will be packed with fun! I'm also glad that this event will help with fighting cancer...not fighting little boys!

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