So I have continued to train for Iron Warrior Dash coming up in September.  Root me on, everyone loves an underdog!

A big thank you goes out to my friends at Bauman's Running and Walking Shop on Hill Road.  They hooked me up with a great pair of running shoes, some shirts, and other equipment to help in my training.  Also, Buddha's Bar & Grill in Fenton has secured my entry into some training races.

As I train for the Iron Warrior Dash, I keep in mind one thing.  Everyone has a personal reason to run this, and on top of that, All the Warrior Dashes go to help St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!!  If you would like to donate or volunteer for this awesome cause, click here.

As I said last week, there are quite a few people in my work building that don't believe I'm capable or running or pulling off a good time.  With that said, I grabbed the GoPro camera and went for a run last night.  The first mile was under 9 mins...take that aholes!  Check it out below.


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