I'm not going to lie kids, this endeavor is a lot tougher than I thought.  However, I will complete it.  My stamina in running is getting way better.  When I started training, I couldn't go half a mile without stopping in fear of my chest exploding.  Now, I can go three or four miles with ease. 

Even though my training, slowed to almost nothing for the last couple weeks (due to vacations and holidays) I'm still driving towards my goal completely the 15.6 mile Iron Warrior Dash.  As I expected, most people thought I would never be able to do this but I'm still pressing forward.  Many have asked if that makes me want to quit since no one believes in me.  Not at all!  If anything, I have a stronger drive to complete the goal.

Just to bring everyone up to speed, I went from the guy smoking at the finish line cheering on others to already completing a few races and getting back in shape.  My top speed in the 5K's I've done is 31 minutes and 20 seconds.  I'm not going for the win, I'm going for the finish, so I'm happy with that.

As my 15.6 mile Iron Warrior Dash is just over 2 months away, my training is definitely kicking into high gear.  I will be running some pretty important "warm-up" races in the next few weeks:

  • The Warrior Dash, Saturday 7/27 in Mt. Morris.  It's just about time to take on the Iron Warrior Dash's little brother.  If you are planning on running this race, be sure to get a hold of me so we can have a group of the Banana Family taking on the course.  Get registered here and join us.
  • The Crim 10 miler, 8/24 in Flint.  This will be my first time taking on the Crim.  So, again, Banana family unite and let's run through Flint for fun for once.

I do have to say a big thanks to my sponsors so far.  Buddha's Bar & Grill in Fenton and Bauman's Running Shop in Flint.  I still have room for a few race sponsors as well.  If you or your business would like to sponsor one of my future races as I train, you can contact me at chris@banana1015.com.



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