I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day until I got to work this morning and saw two people wearing green. Usually I am pumped up and ready to broadcast my show from a local bar and have some fun (tequila). Obviously that is not in the cards this year.

Since I won't be cocktailing (drinking tequila), during my show today, Chris Monroe and I did get in the Irish spirit with Irish stew in a bread bowl from Timothy's Pub. It was awesome! I think we are all clear on the fact that I will have a drink when I get home, but I won't be binge drinking, I will be binge watching.

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My boyfriend Nick is not a drinker, and it sucks to drink alone. I know we are marked safe for small gatherings, but screw it - I will be social distancing and watching Netflix. I started a new show recently called 'Friends From College'. If you like 'Friends', chances are you will like this show. Plus, there is a lot more nudity and swearing.

Another good binge show is McMillions on HBO. I was way late to the game for 'Orange Is The New Black'. How embarrassing, but I did just finish that series as well. Not going to lie, I did not love the last couple seasons. What are you binge watching? If we are instructed to continue social distancing - I am going to need a lot more shows to watch.

Whatever you are doing for St. Patrick's Day, I hope it is fun, safe, and not too close to others. Cheers.



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