The new list, published by Estately, used Google Trends to find the most-searched items for sale on the interwebs per state. Michigan's were actually quite tame and not embarrassing whatsoever, unlike some of our neighbors.

The most popular search in Michigan was for no-tie shoelaces, which is understandable because ain't nobody got time for that. Also on the list were car emergency kit, hunting clothes, beer pong table, Prince memorabilia, white truffle and white truffle oil.

What I gather from these results is that we don't have time to tie our shoes because we're all too busy hunting or partying while listening to Prince. I would attribute the truffle-based searches to lack of culinary diversity in the state. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good eats here, but how many restaurants do you go to that use truffle oil? There probably aren't many, but that stuff is on Food Network 24/7. Seriously, they make everything with it. A lot of Michiganders are probably just searching it out of curiosity.

I just want to say great job, guys. Way to not make us look bad by searching for weird stuff. We do, however, have a quick rundown of some more embarrassing popular searches made by other states on the list though:

  • Alabama -- Adult Diapers
  • Arkansas -- Paula Deen Furniture (Made With Real Butter, Y'all!)
  • Hawaii -- Flowbee 
  • Califronia -- Guy Fieri Knives (Donkey Sauce!)
  • Delaware -- Geneological DNA test
  • Florida -- Boyfriend Arm Pillow
  • Indiana -- Blow-Up Doll
  • Louisiana -- UroClub (Fake Golf Club You Can Discreetly Pee In)
  • Nebraska -- Jorts
  • New York -- Coyote Urine
  • Ohio -- Donald Trump Tie
  • Pennsylvania -- Camo Stethoscope
  • Tennessee -- Crack Pipe
  • Texas -- Nazi Memorabilia
  • Wisconsin -- Truck Nuts

While not included in the list above, Minnesota takes the cake for douchiest searches. Their most popular searches included mustache wax, iCare vape, parachute pants, and electric surfboard. The award for weirdest popular searches was close, but has to go to Colorado for frequently searching Handerpants and Borat mankini. What are Handerpants?  Well, you kind of have to see for yourself below.

See the full list over at

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