This groom is never going to live this down. He may as well embrace it, and get loaded at all family events - at least he knows now his mother-in-law will hand feed him.

The man who has not been identified by name, is apparently so drunk that he cannot use his hands. That is when his less than impressed mother-in-law steps up and feeds him. Oh brother. I have been to countless weddings and have witnessed intoxicated bridal party members, but this takes the cake.

As a matter of fact, I was at a wedding this past Saturday. I wore a size 6 shoe, when I really need a size 7. My feet were killing me - I thought I was dumb for wearing a size too small, but at least no one had to feed me. Winning!

Big props to this mother-in-law, I am sure the groom does not remember the moment, so lucky for us and him, there is video. What a time to be alive.

What strange things have you witnessed at a wedding reception?



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