Drunken Moron Gets Tackled By Pilot On Plane [VIDEO]
Alcohol is not this guys friend. After boarding a flight, this hammered dude was told to take his seat and buckle up. After arguing with the flight attendant, the pilot decided to get involved. Finally the guy had enough and tried to push his way through and the pilot took him to the ground.
Drunk Idiot Jumps Into Lion Cage To Get Handshake [VIDEO]
This just goes to show stupid people will never stop doing stupid things. This drunk man decided that he wanted to get a handshake from the lions in this exhibit. So, he jumped the wall and waded through the water towards the lions. Thankfully all the other people were yelling and throwing things an…
Uber Driver Pepper Sprays Drunk Passenger [VIDEO]
Uber is a great thing when you know you shouldn't be driving. However, if you are so drunk that you act like this, you should probably rethink your drinking habits. This driver began to kick out his passenger because he was too drunk to give him directions. The customer got angry and launched a…
Drunk Girl Crashes At Wrong House [VIDEO]
This is a level of intoxication I never wish to achieve. This girl ended up wasted one night and decided to crash on the couch. The problem is, it was the couch of a complete stranger. These home owners came home to find her on the couch and asked her to leave. She said she wasn't going to leav…

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