I don't believe that Uber drivers get enough credit for driving drunks around.

Dax Castro is an Uber driver in Sacramento. While making his round like any normal night, he picked up a passenger that was wasted. For most Uber drivers, this isn't an uncommon thing. Many people take Ubers when going out for a night of drinking. It's the most responsible thing to do. However, some drunks become crazy.

Castro picked up this drunk passenger who didn't know the golden rule of taking an Uber ride when drunk. That golden rule can be summed up with a quote from The Rock, "Know your role and shut your mouth." Nowhere in that golden rule does it say to grab the wheel while your driver is cruising down a busy highway!

Thankfully, Castro was able to remain calm while fighting with the passenger and was able to get to a stop safely. When police arrived, it is no surprise that the dude's BAC was 0.19.

When you are in an Uber, don't be an a**hole. These drivers are heroes and doing you a favor.

Source: FBHW