Yet another crazy story straight out of Florida.

A 15-year-old Uber passenger and her boyfriend were getting a ride from an Uber driver from Hollywood, Florida. While on the way to Aventra, Florida, the couple ended up in a scary situation. The Uber driver, Adrian Harper, stopped along the way to pick up another couple.

Somehow during the ride, Harper's gun went off and struck, 15-year-old Bailey Braun in the foot. After hearing the loud bang, the couple got out of the car to investigate. It was at that point that Braun noticed the injury and saw the blood. Police were on the scene quickly and she was rushed to a nearby hospital. According to reports, it is still too early to know the full extent of the damage caused by the bullet.

Uber has policies in place that prohibit drivers from carrying firearms. Harper now faces a misdemeanor charge of negligence, received a citation, and will be due to appear in court.

Source: ABC 12

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