Michigan fans are going to get a kick out of this mistake from MSU.

One of the biggest games for college football fans in Michigan is coming up next weekend. Of course, that game is the University of Michigan Wolverines versus the Michigan State University Spartans. With less than two weeks until game time, the smack talk is getting louder and louder.

Unfortunately for the Spartans, someone was asleep at the wheel while driving their Twitter bus. In a stupid attempt to try and take a jab at Michigan, MSU football posted a graphic on Twitter, which we assume was meant to inform fans of the game time on October 29th. However, the graphic included one little detail that the Spartans did not think through.

  As you can see, the graphics team or someone in the camp, decided to flip the University of Michigan Block M upside down in some weird show of aggression or dominance or...well, we aren't really sure
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