A mother from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan is accusing the school district of strip searching her 11 year-old son on more than one occasion. Not only did the school strip search (allegedly) the boy but they also placed him in what would be considered isolation suspension.

Back in November, 11 year-old Xavier Miles was apparently strip searched at his school, not once but twice. The incident tool place after students and staff of a Mt. Pleasant Middle School thought had a gun in his possession.

The boy's mother, Cheyenne Johnson told WNEM that her son was asked to remove his clothing. They had him pull down his pants and remove his shirt. She said her son was humiliated.

About a week later the boy got into some kind of altercation with some students and the school gave him in-school suspension. However, it doesn't sound like your typical in-school suspension scenario. Johnson says her son was placed and isolated in a locked room with no desk, chair, schoolwork or even supervision. He even took video of the room which can be seen here.

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His mother admits he needs a little bit of extra help but doesn't feel he should be in a locked room.

Keep in my mind we only have one side of the story here until more information is released. However, this is the same school district that 7-year-old Jurnee Hoffmeyer had her hair cut by staff members without her parents permission.

Christina Laster, director with the National Parents Union:

There needs to be accountability behind what has taken place with Jurnee Hoffmeyer and behind Xavier. The district has failed to hold itself accountable. Because there seems a pattern and a history of poor practices that would really constitute discrimination against the black, brown, and indigenous children and families.

The whole thing seems very strange to me. I don't understand why police weren't called if they felt this boy was such a threat and had a gun.

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