August 1st, 1981 was the date that changed TV with the launch of the first ever 24-hour music television station called MTV.

Yes, it is hard to believe that it has been that long ago and at one point they actually did play music videos. Now the station has gone away from its roots and is playing mostly reality shows. Which is all cool, whatever you need to do to keep people watching. But man I remember watching some great shows on there along with seeing and hearing some of my favorite songs still to date first on MTV.

The first time I seen man in the box by Alice in Chains was on the show Headbangers Ball. What about the game show Remote Control or Liquid Television and of course Bevis and Butthead and Ren and Stimpy. Classics. They have given us many unforgettable moments from the Video and Music awards show that they have every year.

So happy birthday MTV. You brought up a generation of music fans like myself and continue to grow. But bring back the music videos. Dueces.


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