There is a new mural outside the world-famous Machine Shop in Flint.

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The Flint Public Art Project partnered with The Machine Shop and Flint artist Michael Cobley to create this awesome mural.

Michael Cobley (pictured below) did not let the rain and heavy winds stop him from creating this masterpiece over the weekend. Cobley has also done murals on the exterior of Hair Zone on Flushing Road in Flint and at Kenneth Scott and Associates in Flint.

If you own a building in Flint and are interested in having a mural done, contact the Flint Public Art Project. Their mission is to inspire residents to reimagine the city, reclaim vacant and underutilized buildings and lots, and use innovative tools to steer Flint’s long-range planning.

The Machine Shop and the Flint Public Arts Project are just two of many things to be proud of in Flint, Michigan.

You can check out a list of upcoming shows at The Machine Shop here.

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