The biggest story coming out of the NFL this weekend has nothing to do with touchdowns, playoffs, or helmet to helmet contact.  All those things were over shadowed by Houston's Andre Johnson and Tennessee's Courtland Finnegan brawling on the field.

The question I have about this entire thing, is, why don't they fight in the NFL all the time?  I mean hockey players do it all the time.  And it's one of the biggest draws that hockey has.  Considering the amount of timeouts that happen in a NFL game, I think I might be on to something.

What is Finnegan clapping about?  And Andre Johnson is the most mild mannered star in the NFL and he still smacked the taste out of little man's mouth.  Tennessee actually changed his name on the roster to Innegan, because Johnson smacked the F out of him.   But honestly, if this happened once a game, I'd be all about it.  But, I'm also the person who thinks all pro athletes should be forced to take steriods.  Hell, if we introduce weapons to the field, Detroit might make the playoffs!