We all know there is a day for everything. We may be in quarantine, but the calendar does not stop. Today just so happens to be 'National Take A Wild Guess Day'.

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First things first, yes - you can celebrate with a cocktail (duh). You can also celebrate by guessing when we will be through and/or over the coronvirus pendemic? I have no idea when our new normal will start, but I know we can speculate, and take a wild guess.

Feel free to share your guess below, or on this thread on our Facebook page. Once you share your wild guess, feel free to continue your celebration of 'National Take A Wild Guess Day' with additional cocktails. You can also turn that into a guessing game - how many drinks will you have, on day number whatever this is in quarantine? Hey, you have to do something to pass the time.

Stay home, stay healthy, and happy 'National Take A Wild Guess Day' to you.

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