Next time you are at one of Flint's many fine adult establishments, be on the look out for anybody playing World Of Warcraft, doing math, or wearing a t-shirt with a wolf on it, cuz nerds are robbing everybody.

Believe it or not, nerds are pretty vicious.  Just try to tell them Star Wars isn't that good or that the friends they make on the internet aren't real friends.  And recently, 2 nerds robbed a strip club costumer of 400 bucks. ran the original article, quoted

A 26-year-old strip club patron blames two nerds for robbing him of $400.

The victim told police "two nerdy looking guys" hit him on the head at 3 a.m. at Club Paradise...

What I want to know, is who walks out of the strip club with 400 bucks?  Also, I could take 2 nerds no problem.  What kind of a tool bag lets Screech and Milhouse kick their ass?