Flint, Michigan has produced many famous celebrities.

When it comes to Flint, Michigan, there are many things that the city is known for nationwide. Many people of course think of the Flint water crisis, but there is so much more to the city.

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Flint is home to a lot of now-famous celebrities and it is awesome to see them succeed. The city has supplied the world with athletes, actors and actresses, game show hosts, and more. Check out the list below to see 13 famous celebrities and what their net worth is today.

So many notable people have come from Flint. I wish we could focus more on the positive, but so many can't help but focus on the negative. The city has been the focus of several documentaries such as Bigger Than Water, Flint Town on Netflix, and so many more.

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Flint is located in Genesee County and is the largest city in the county. In 2020, Flint was the 12th largest city in Michigan with a population of over 81,000 people. Flint is also home to college branches for the University of Michigan, Kettering University, Mott Community College, Michigan State University, and more.

Below you'll find 13 famous celebrities and notable people that were born in good ole Flint, Michigan, and their net worth. The net worth scale ranges from $1 million to $80 million. Some of the figures may actually surprise you. Check them out below.

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