A new set of regulations for deer hunting in Michigan will be proposed to the Natural Resources Commission on Thursday.

Coming up at the November 12th meeting with the Michigan Natural Resources Commission, a vote is expected to take place on some new proposed regulations for the 2021 fall deer hunting season. The new changes are meant to simply deer hunting regulations and make it easier for hunters to participate in the sport.

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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources uses current and projected data to see how the new regulations would impact hunting. The new changes are not expected to cause any significant negative effect on the deer herd or quality of deer hunting. If approved, the new regulations will give deer hunters additional opportunities, cost savings, and flexibility.

A team of wildlife biologists, law enforcement officers and other key DNR staff worked together to prepare these recommendations for consideration by the Natural Resources Commission. The goal is to create rules that are easier to follow and that offer hunters more flexibility in taking deer to help feed their families...said Chad Stewart, DNR deer, elk and moose program leader.

The new 2021 regulations that are being proposed include:

  • The overhaul of the antlerless deer license system.
  • A proposal to allow crossbows during the late portion of the archery season in the Upper Peninsula.
  • A proposal to remove the three-point antler restriction on the regular tag of the deer combo license in the Upper Peninsula.
  • Changes to supplemental feeding.

For more information on the proposed changes, click here. 


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