With day one of deer hunting season underway, show us what you got.

Today is the day that many hunters in Michigan have been waiting for. It is day one of the 2021 Michigan deer hunting firearm season and we what to see what you scored. If you filled a tag today, show us below and you might end up seeing your kill in a virtual buck pole photo gallery later this week.

Once you fill that tag, you're going to have to get that meat processed. If you haven't decided where to process your deer yet, here is a list of deer processors right here in Genesee County and some in surrounding areas.

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Deer processors in and around Genesee County:

  • Jerry B's Deer Processing
    • 1090 E. Maple Ave in Flint
  • J Deans Venison and Deer Processing
    • 9211 E. Coldwater Road in Davison
  • Big Buck Processing
    • 6788 W. County Line Road in Durand
  • Richardson Meat Processing
    • 4402 Cohoctah Road in Linden
  • Smith Meats
    • 12366 N. Vassar Road in Millington
  • Durand Meat Processing Plant
    • 6358 S. Reed Road in Durand
  • Country Smoke House
    • 3294 Van Dyke Road in Almont

Those are just a few of the many meat processors in the area. If you have a favorite, leave it in the comments.

This time of year is always exciting for hunters and their families throughout Michigan. For many, this is the real start to the fall and winter season.

So if you have had a successful hunt already, be sure to leave a picture in the comments below. I am going to collect all the pictures and post them in a large gallery soon so all the hunters in the area can share in their success.

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