I get so mad when I text my kid and he doesn't reply. He always has his phone and he's always on it watching dumb videos. So, when he doesn't reply, I know he's ignoring me...well those days are over.

A Man in the UK developed an app that will lock your child's phone until they respond to you. It's called ReplyASAP and it sounds awesome!

According to WNEM, the app takes over the screen and triggers an alarm that sounds off until the message is read, forcing the recipient to reply to regain control over their device. Doesn't matter if their phone is on silent, it still locks up. If the phone is off, the alert won't go through until the phone is turned back on. If they think they're being really slick and they try to delete the app, the parent will be notified right away.

As of right now, it's only available for Android (which sucks) but it's coming to iPhone soon.