The A7X crew had some downtime (about 4 days) between legs of their tour and threw down a new song for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops expansion; Escalation. We have the track and the rest of the details right here.

The new track titled Not Ready to Die was not only recorded for, but inspired by the zombie elements from the COD franchise. According to frontman M. Shadows had this to say regarding the newest addition to the A7x catalog:

"We had a little break between the ‘Nightmare After Christmas’ tour and the ‘Welcome To The Family’ tour. So it was written, like, in four days that we had off. So it was pretty rushed. It was pretty incredible, though, because we really wanted to do it. It was written, like, a month or two ago...The song is about the game. There’s a full backstory to what [the makers of Call Of Duty] been doing for years with their ‘Zombies’ series. I’m a big fan of the game, I play it all the time, so I got caught up in the story. They sent me over the full storyline, so I made sure it was going along the lines of the zombie story. So that’s what it’s about.”

That expansion pack for COD:BO keeps getting more and more badass! Check out the awesome trailer for Call of the Dead from Escalation below and Not Ready to Die is now available on itunes.

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