Flint, get ready to get your American Ninja Warrior on.

The Planet 3 Trampoline Park in Flint Township has been in the works for a minute now, and preparations are now nearing the home stretch. The park, the first of its kind in this area, is set for an early May opening.

According to MLive, trampolines and other equipment for the park are being delivered to the large Miller Road location, which was formerly home to Best Buy and Great Lakes Power Sports. We just learned that among that equipment will be obstacles for a Ninja Warrior-style course!

That's right, in addition to all the trampolines, the dodgeball court, two basketball lanes, Euro trampoline, trapeze, foam pit, and zip line will be a "Ninja Warrior"-style course! The Flint location will also include a trick station for people to perfect their flips and other sweet moves.

Once the park opens, it will employ roughly 35 people and will have overnight events and "club nights" on Fridays and Saturdays. The park will also have separate party rooms available for birthdays, work gatherings, etc. and will be open Monday - Saturday from 10a - 10p, and will close 2 hours earlier on Sunday.

There are no specific details as to which Ninja Warrior obstacles will be included, but I'm rooting for a warped wall. I watch Ninja Warrior all the time, and I'm constantly telling my wife "I could do that" about most of the obstacles. Granted, I'm only talking about tackling one obstacle at a time, and most of the time I'm 100% BSing when I say that, but I think I might actually be able to do the warped wall... probably not though. Either way, it's going to be fun to try... Or funny for others to watch me try. Maybe both.

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