With the middle of the week approaching people are already thinking about what they’re going to do this weekend. If it involves getting your drink on and finding someone to take home or go home with, you now have one less excuse for saying it was a mistake when you wake up in the morning. According to a new study at U.K.'s Durham University “Beer Goggles” are a myth. It seems that no matter how much alcohol we have had, how we physically see each other is no different. But, the part of the brain controlling sexual urges keeps going no matter how much we've had (Huh, Imagine that guys; sexual urges keeps going regardless of alcohol consumption, never heard that one before). However, this study did come for the U.K. so I think this is going need further research, so we’re going to need you all to head out there, get your drink on, and tell us your findings. And for pure entertainment or educational value (depending on whether or not you know what beer goggles are) here’s a video I found on YouTube.

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