Due to an assload of snow getting dumped on Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, the Bills are coming to Detroit to face off against the Jets. Free tickets were made available to the general public yesterday morning and are already gone!

In case you haven't heard, Buffalo got buried under more than 70 inches of snow this past week. Don't believe us? Just look at these pictures of their football stadium.

So instead of playing in chest-deep snow, the game between the Bills and Jets will happen at Ford Field on Monday instead of it's originally scheduled date (November 23rd). Since it would probably be a tough sell to get people to buy tickets for two out-of-town teams, the powers that be decided to give away the tickets for free.

Maybe they should have charged at least a couple bucks, because all the tickets they made available online were gone within two hours. However, there was a small amount of tickets reserved to be given away at the Ford Field Box Office today... those are now gone too. Some 2,000 fans lined up -- some as early as midnight -- in order to score free tickets from the box office. Only about 200 people walked away with them.

Stubhub isn't able to host any sale of the tickets (which is surprising) because they were free, but you can find a bunch of people selling them on Craigslist if you really want to go.

As you can see in the pics below, crews have already begun transitioning Ford Field into Buffalo's temporary home field.