Travelers may see some overgrown lawns this month in Michigan.

Residents in two prominent Michigan cities are being encouraged to let their lawns grow this month for a reason that may surprise you. This new initiative called "No Mow May" is meant to help the spring habitats of bees and other such pollinators in the state.

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The city councils of both Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti unanimously voted to support the No Mow May initiative and are encouraging residents to let their lawns grow between six and 12 inches this month. Ann Arbor officials backed this idea in April and Ypsilanti officials jumped on board during a meeting on May 2nd last week.

Pollinator populations are in decline around the world due to habitat loss, alteration, fragmentation, as well as pesticides...The state of Michigan alone has seen a 61% drop in its bee population over the span of 15 years, so this is really important that we all act in ways that we can to protect pollinators...Ann Arbor Council Member Dharma Akmon via MLive

If you live in these cities, don't worry about getting in trouble as the councils have suspended the local regulations pertaining to lawns. This is also great news for that annoying neighbor that doesn't mow his lawn anyway.

Are there other cities that are participating in No Mow May? If there are, let us know in the comments. Also, for those that live in these cities, are you planning on participating? I'm not sure I would be able to. Not cutting the grass for a whole month and letting it get out of control would drive me absolutely insane.

Source: MLive

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