November is now upon us and that means one thing... well, that's if you don't count Thanksgiving or football.

It's time for all of you to put down your razors for No-Shave November. This is the time to bring awareness of men's health, especially prostate cancer. You can participate by not shaving for 30 days to start, with the goal being to spark conversation about the issue. The fun behind growing the beard is part of it, but you should also make an appointment to get screened by a doctor. Early detection is the key.

Last year, our very own Tony LaBrie took part in the Real Men Wear Pink campaign that Tony helped to raise awareness for breast cancer. No Shave November and the Movember (same thing but with mustaches instead of beards) campaigns are very similar in that they both raise awareness for an important cause. Send us photos of your Novem-beard by clicking here.


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