We all have favorite numbers that we play for different lottery games. I sure do have mine when I play Keno. They always seem to hit when I don't play. Every time.

But for those who are persistent in playing a very strange set of four numbers for the Pick 4 lottery in North Carolina are feeling pretty excited today after the digits 0-0-0-0 hit over the weekend. The North Carolina Education Lottery said a record $7.8 million was paid out. Over 2,000 tickets with those numbers were sold. With half of them bet a dollar straight to win over $1,000 and the rest of the winners played a fifty cent bet straight that paid out a nice payday of $2,500.

Officials said that same number combination bets are called "Quads" that are very popular with players. The combination of 1-1-1-1 that hit in 2012 was the highest in North Carolina history prior to this weekend. Hitting the four-digit straight have odds of 1-10,000.

Source: upi.com


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