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Well, if this isn't kicking Spooky Season off in the creepiest way ever... According to a Facebook post from the Metro Detroit News, the Auburn Hills Police Department have teamed up with the FBI and Detroit Police Department to execute a search warrant at Galaxy Coney Island. They are looking for possible human remains under the restaurant's floor.
You read that correctly. Officials believe that the Galaxy Coney Island on Schaefer and Grand River Avenue has human remains beneath the floorboards. Conjuring images of Poe's Tell-Tale Heart, one has to wonder just how long the suspicion had been hanging in the air before three different offices were to get involved.
For all we know this has nothing to do with Galaxy Coney Island at all. It could be a cold case from before the building was erected, and may just be the final piece in a very old puzzle. Otherwise, it looks like the proprietors have some explaining to do. I just hope this is less a case of foul play and more a historical dig for the sake of everyone involved.

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