To ski on one of the most extreme slopes in the Midwest, you'll have to head to the Upper Peninsula.

The winter is here and many Michiganders have already broken out and dusted off their skis and snowboards. Ripping down the slopes and getting that shot of adrenaline is what many people live for this time of year and this ski resort in the Upper Peninsula will give you just that.

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If you are looking for a thrill and plenty of advanced and expert ski hills, hop in the car and start heading north...way north. One of the most extreme ski resorts in the Midwest is located in Mohawk at the northernmost point of the Keweenaw peninsula. Just let it be known now that Mount Bohemia is not for beginners. In fact, no beginners are allowed at Mount Bohemia.

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Mount Bohemia has a vertical drop of 900 feet, sees around 273 inches of snowfall each year, and has two chair lifts on the 585 skiable acres. Mount Bohemia is broken into multiple sections including:

  • Bohemia Mining Company
  • Bear Den
  • Extreme Backcountry
  • Haunted Valley
  • The Graveyard
  • Outer Limits
  • Middle Earth
  • Little Boho

Mount Bohemia is also one of the ski resorts in Michigan that offers snowcat skiing. Skiers hop into a 20-person cab of a snowcat machine and are taken to the top of Voodoo Mountain to explore the terrain and venture down the mountain.

To learn more and see the trail maps of Mount Bohemia, Haunted Valley, Middle Earth, and Little Boho, click here.

Source: Mount Bohemia

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