Mt. Holly Opens Early
Thanks to the temperatures cooperating with us this year, you can now hit the slopes at Mt. Holly. This is one of the earliest openings the resort has ever had.
Norwigian Nerd ‘Up’s the Ante’ For Sochi Skier’s [VIDEO]
Yesterday, I posted a video of how flatulence makes figure skating fun for guys watching at home. Tonight, we'll look at up'ing the ante for downhill skiing. And I think this Norwegian nerd has the right idea. Nothing like an AT-AT coming at you guns blazin' while your trying to navig…
Awesome Detroit Documentary, ‘Tracing Skylines’
I stumbled across this video this morning about urban Skiing.  When I actually started watching it, it turned out to be a pretty sweet short documentary.  Just because it looks abandoned doesn't mean that it isn't useful.  I get to spend a decent amount of time in Detroit.&n…

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