Back in December, it was reported that over one million dollars in military equipment were unaccounted for in Thetford Township. Today, that still rings true. 

The Genesee County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the missing equipment. Thetford Township received the military equipment as part of a federal program over the last ten years. All of that equipment is still unaccounted for and Thetford Township supervisor, Gary Stevens, is trying to figure out where it is.

In the investigation, Stevens has been unable to get any answers out of the Township Police Cheif, Bob Kenny. The paper trail has gone cold, but there is only so much you can do with that equipment, including selling it for scrap, donating it to other departments, and a few other things. There are hundreds of military items missing, even including a Humvee.

Thetford Township only has two police officers and a population around 7,000.

Source: ABC 12