A few weeks ago I heard Free Beer & Hot Wings talking about women wearing pajamas in public.  The guys were not happy about it.  After hearing that segment I am seeing bitches in PJ's everywhere!

I was in Walmart recently and let me tell you, it looked like a pajama party.  I saw girls that literally looked like they were woken up and dragged to the super store by their hair.

I thought I had seen it all until I found out about pajama jeans.  Yep, pajama jeans.  The "jeans" are made out of cotton and spandex.   According to the ad the miracle pants are great for exercising, shopping and more!  So comfortable you will want to sleep in them!

Are women that lazy that we want to be in pajamas around the clock?  I hope not.  I have always said that sweats tell the world you have given up.  What the hell do pajamas during the day say about you?  Unless you suffer from sleep walking you should not be running around town in pajama bottoms or pajama jeans.  This goes for guys too, unless your name is Hugh Hefner.

Buck up and get dressed!   Also, if you are over 5 years of age and wearing crocs, STOP!

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