I had no idea there was a demand for eating in the dark.

A secret location in Detroit is host to a new concept of dining-in-the-dark. The event is called 'Pitch Black'.

According to Explore Hidden, the absence of distractions promotes the idea that eating in the dark heightens diner's senses making for a more pleasurable experience. The focus is instead on taste, smell, mouthfeel and sound, as well as promoting the art of conversation.

The absence of distractions also means you're not allowed to have your cellphone with you while you're dining in the dark. So if you were hoping you'd get some awesome photos of your food in the dark, think again. All diners must hand over phones, watches and any other light sources before the event begins.

Each dining experience lasts 90 minutes, giving diners ample time to get comfortable with their new surroundings and enjoy a delicious 2-course meal (secret meal) with a drink, blindfolded. They will cater to you if you have a food allergy or if you're a vegetarian. You just have to inform them in advance.

What if you're someone that gets anxiety in situations like this (Maggie Meadows). I would suggest not going but if you do and the atmosphere becomes uneasy for you, you can ask your waiter to take you outside the dining room to calm yourself or you can continue your meal in a lit area of the venue.

The 'Pitch Black' event will run on select dates in May and pre-booking is a must. Tickets for this 21 and over event range from $70-$75 and are still available.

I'm not sure why they keep the location a secret but at some point, the information will be sent to you. I would assume after you purchase tickets or sometime leading up to your dinner.

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