The former employee of Comerica Park who is accused of spitting in a customers pizza after a video of him doing so went viral - has been charged.

Jaylon Juwan Kerley, 20, could face four years in prison for a felony food violation and 90 days behind bars for misdemeanor food violation charge. Kerley will also be tested for diseases.

I am beyond grossed out by this. I could not even watch the video of Kerley spitting in the pizza. Finding hair on food freaks me out, let alone actual spit. If I am unfortunate enough to find hair on food, I immediately put the particular restaurant I got the food from on what I call 'The List'. Once an establishment is on 'The List', I never go back. It is forever in my mind they served me hair.

That being said, I realize in my lifetime I am sure there is some hair that got past me. I don't even want to think about it though. Anyone else not hungry right now?


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