I forget that people have pets that they keep outside year round. I'm not knocking people that do, I just can't imagine doing that myself. I never understood the point of having a dog only to keep him/her in a cage or chained up outside.

I was driving into work today and I noticed a dog chained up in someone's backyard and I felt so bad because it wasn't the kind of dog that's built for living outside.

The weather expected this week could be some of the worst we've seen in years especially when it comes to cold temps. Please bring your pets inside, don't make them endure the brutally cold temps.

If you refuse to bring your pets inside (shame on you) at least provide them with extra blankets, straw or anything to help keep them a little warmer. If we see temps actually hit the negative 30s like they're predicting, it won't even make a difference.

Love your pets and keep them warm this week.


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