Officers in Chicago jumped into action this past Monday by forming a human chain to save a man that had jumped into Lake Michigan to save his 9-month-old dog.

According to NBC Chicago, the man was familiar with the beachfront and had been visiting it for about seven years before the near-death experience. The first time he took his young dog to the area, it took off and jumped into the water.

This guy obviously loved his dog because he jumped into freezing waters without hesitation. He risked his own life just to save his dog, not something everyone would do.

Luckily there were some people in the area that saw the man and were able to call for help. Officers quickly formed a human chain, threw the leash to the man and pulled him to safety as you can see in the body cam video below.

I love my dog but I honestly don't know if I could jump into a frozen lake especially Lake Michigan to save him. Maybe something just takes over in a moment of panic like that and you just act before you think.

The man and his pup are expected to be just fine.

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