In Michigan, the spring season is also pothole season.

With the weather changing, all of us here in Michigan will start to see our least favorite things on the road...potholes. We can never avoid it. After the winter months have kept the roads frozen, the damage begins as the pavement thaws out.

Now that we can see consistent warmer weather, the Genesee County Road Commission is preparing to battle this problem. Drivers will begin to see the big ole GCRC trucks on the road and hot patching potholes that have reared their ugly faces which we constantly have to dodge while driving.

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Each year the Genesee County Road Commission spends a lot of money trying to fix and maintain the roads. When the frost is gone, those pesky little jerks popup everywhere and fast. The Road Commission spends an average of $1,500 per lane-mile per year filling those potholes.

I have a long-standing rivalry with potholes in this grand state, but unfortunately, I seem to lose the battle every year. Potholes have claimed the lives of six tires and two rims of mine in the last ten years. I would be willing to bet that most of us have gone through this scenario. You are driving to work and mentally preparing for the day. Next thing you know, you spill hot coffee down the front of you after hitting or swerving to missing the gigantic crater or a pothole that appeared overnight with no warning on your normally smooth road you travel on every day. It's the worst.

With that said, keep an eye out for potholes and keep your tires and rims happy. If you want to report a pothole to the Genesee County Road Commission, call 810-767-4920 or fill out a form here. 

Source: Genesee County Road Commission

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