Andrew Anderson is only 22 years old and already one of the best bowlers in the world. He can back up that title as he recently won the United States Bowling Congress Masters Tournament in Syracuse, N.Y.

This was Andrew's first major win after only going pro back in January of 2017. According to ABC12, he started bowling with his family at just 3 years old at Holly lanes, now he's 22 and bowling for Team USA.

I've been bowling since I was a little kid and I swear I never improve. I'm the same crappy 150 average bowler I was 25 years ago. Then again, I always thought it was mandatory to drink beer and bowl. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? The thing is, I'm a much better bowler when I have a few cocktails in me so, I just "roll" with it (ba-dum-tshh).

Well done Andrew, you are the freaking man!

Below you can see his big win at the 2018 USBC Masters.