It's amazing how many times I've seen this debated.

I'm not sure if this is just a regional thing or what. In Michigan, we hear people refer to the game as either miniature/mini golf or putt-putt golf. Sure both names are technically correct, but I have seen and been in arguments over this very topic, so which one is it?

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According to

While both games have similarities and are both technically miniature versions of golf, they have some clear differences...Mini-golf courses usually have more obstacles, making the course more challenging. Putt-Putt courses usually have very minimal, basic obstacles such as small hills or sandpits. Where mini-golf courses have every type of obstacle imaginable, including water features, life-sized statues, and all kinds of waves and dips.

Honestly, I've never looked that deep into the meaning of each and didn't know there actually is a difference. All I know is that in a world that is filled with garbage right now, it's fun to have a completely ridiculous debate with friends to lighten the mood. Even though there has never been a clear winner in this debate in my experience, I still think it's fun to watch your friends get heated over something so dumb.

With that said, I am on Team Putt-Putt. That is what I have always known it as and what I will continue to call it until I die. Those that think the correct term is mini golf, well, obviously you are just wrong.

Yes, I know this is an extremely stupid conversation, but that is the mood I am currently in on the 19th day of July, year of our Lord 2022. Deal with it.

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