We know you love them. Hell, who doesn't want a little Psychostick in their lives? We were stoked when we found out they were playing Dirt Fest, but we absolutely lost it when they said they'd spend some time in our acoustic lounge!

Yeah, you read that right: Psychostick performed an intimate acoustic set at Dirt Fest! Now, some bands play acoustically all the time, and we love that, we really do. But Psychostick - as far as we know - rarely take their music to the lighter side. To give you an idea of how special of a performance this was, guitarist Josh 'The J' Key looked at his acoustic axe and told the crowd, "I haven't changed the strings on this guitar in four years."

Even as they were getting ready to start, we had no idea what we were in for. What songs would they play? Would they be the Pyschostick we know and love? Well, our questions were quickly answered and then some as they opened with the beloved, family friendly tune, 'Orgasm = Love.'

Watch it. Consume it. Love it. It's Psychostick, acoustic style!

Psychostick Tears Into 'Orgasm = Love' at Dirtfest 2012