Due to COVID-19, Redwood Steakhouse is now temporarily closed.

For those planning on going out for a nice dinner this weekend, you can take Redwood Steakhouse off the list of possible options. Unfortunately, the upscale restaurant is now closed through the weekend due to COVID-19 as one of the employees has contracted the virus.

Since the reopening of the restaurant during the coronavirus pandemic, Redwood Steakhouse has been adapting to the new rules and following them to keep all employees and customers as safe as possible. The staff at Redwood underwent temperature checks, wore masks and gloves, and worked diligently to provide a clean, sanitized, and socially distanced dining experience.

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I have been to Redwood Steakhouse a few times during the pandemic and can attest to their great efforts to provide a safe experience. Also, I know and have talked to several employees of the restaurant and know the great lengths they have gone. Unfortunately, one of the employees still contracted COVID-19.

The employee last worked on Wednesday morning and no guests were directly exposed to this person. Other staff in the restaurant were however considered potentially exposed and are now in quarantine. Other employees will be taking a rapid COVID-19 test and will not be returning to work until they have a negative test result.


The Redwood Steakhouse will be temporarily closed

The Redwood would like to thank you for your trust and loyalty during...

Posted by Redwood Steakhouse on Friday, November 13, 2020

The restaurant is not being forced to close but is doing so as a precaution from Friday, November 13th through Sunday, November 15th so the entire restaurant can be sanitized and fogged. For more information on the closure, click here. 


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