Hard to believe that the show Celebrity Deathmatch that aired on MTV premiered 20 years ago this month.

There was two pilot shows that aired in January 1998 and the response was so good MTV decided to run it as it own show that started in May 1998 and ran until October 2002. It gave us a whole new look at celebrities getting medieval on one another that usually ended up with the winner of the fight doing whatever it took to win. And it was great.

Some of the more memorable matches that I can remember was that of Axl squaring off against Slash. What about Marilyn Manson taking on Charles Manson. They even came out with a video game for the show.

The creators of this show had in mind what everyone wanted to see. Hash out the beef in the ring as claymation figures. Nowadays they do it social media. That's no fun. Bring back the squared circle.

Source: alkoemo Via YOUTUBE


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