Many Michigan voters will head to the polls during the 2014 Midterm Election to answer the question of whether their municipality should decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. If you are still on the fence regarding the legal weed issue, we suggest listening to a few words from retired police officer Howard Wooldridge, who co-founded a popular organization called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

In this video, Wooldridge suggests that the United States should legalize all controlled substances in order to eliminate the War on Drugs and sever the head of the black market. While efforts to decriminalize pot possession are all well and fine, these types of political half measures do not solve many of the problems associated with prohibition. As Wooldridge points out, two of the most dangerous drugs in the world are already legal and socially acceptable in America – alcohol and tobacco.

"You can normalize marijuana as a product roughly treated like beer and the sky does not fall in," said Wooldridge, explaining the success of the legal pot market in Colorado.

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