Anyone else miss bowling? We do too.

As the angry thing we know as 2020 continues, there are still a number of businesses that have yet to get the go-ahead to open back up. Bowling alleys across Michigan are included in those businesses that are still closed. Now a local bowling alley is looking for some help from customers to try and get bowling alleys to reopen.

Richfield Bowl, in Richfield Road in Flint, is currently closed due to some of Governor Whitmer's executive orders amidst the coronavirus pandemic. As with every business, every day closed puts a hurting on the business itself and they are now asking the public for help. Richfield Bowl is supplying pre-paid postcards for patrons to pick up and send to Governor Whitmer in hopes that she will reopen bowling alleys across the state.

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According to the general manager at Richfield Bowl, the facility is taking all necessary precautions in hopes to open back up. Enhanced cleaning protocols and even bowling ball sanitation stations have been implemented to ensure the safety of customers. Employees are required to wear face masks, get daily temperature checks, and have gone through training for new cleaning procedures. Also, they will only be using every other lane to allow for social distancing.

Bowling alleys have been closed since March 16th in Michigan and I really hope they can begin to reopen soon. Even though the return of the Banana 101.5 Bad Bowlers League is extremely unlikely for the 2020 season, most of us would like to get back to the lanes for a little exercise and fun. It has been a rough year for everyone and I really can't wait until all of this is behind us.


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