The roster is set for Team USA after adding the Detroit Pistons rising star, Jerami Grant.

It was announced today that Grant would be joining Team USA after James Harden withdrew himself due to his hamstring injury. Grant accepted the invite to play with Team USA, and is only the second Pistons player to represent the United States in the Olympics. The only other player from the Pistons to play in the Olympics was Tayshaun Prince in 2008. The crazy part is that Prince and his gold medal team also played in China.

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Grant is on the doorstep of NBA stardom, and the Pistons are poised to become an NBA elite team in the next couple of years. The Pistons earned the number one pick in the NBA draft, and by earned I mean tanked. Despite the record from last year though, most experts say that the Pistons have one of the best young core groups in the NBA.

Grant is a major part of this rising Pistons team, and he just finished up the best season of his career. When the news broke, Grant showed gratitude and love on his Instagram story.

Jerami Grant IG
Jerami Grant IG

The Pistons are definitely on the rise, and this is just another great thing happening for our team.

It's hard to believe that the Pistons have only had one player in the Olympics before Grant. We all know the story of Jordan icing Isiah Thomas out of the original Dream Team, but there have been plenty of other stars in Detroit after that. Hopefully this is just another sign that Detroit is heading back to the NBA elite, and we can get back to championship basketball in the D.


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