The films of Rob Zombie have featured some of the most brutal human mutilation ever captured on screen, but when it comes to animal cruelty -- that's where the shock rocker draws the line. Listen to the new Thanksgiving hotline message he recorded for the popular animal rights group PETA. 

Rob Zombie and PETA have one message for you this Thanksgiving -- don't eat turkey. The director/musician and longtime vegetarian recorded a new anti-turkey (or pro-turkey depending on how you look at it) message as a counterpoint to the Butterball brand turkey hotline which receives millions of calls from people searching for new ways to cook their holiday bird.

In the message, Zombie talks of the societal nature of the turkey and compares their inter-species relations to that of our own. He further condemns the Butterball hotline for instructing many on how to "torture" these beautiful creatures.

The message may be the last time you hear a new recording of Zombie's voice fora while, as he is taking a break from music currently to work on his witchcraft film 'The Lords of Salem.' The film is expected to hit theaters in 2012.

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