If you are thinking about starting a recreational marijuana business in Michigan, the state has released all the rules and steps you will have to follow.

Starting on Friday, November 1st, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency in Michigan will be accepting applications for marijuana-related businesses and events. The applications cover businesses including growers, retailers, "consumption establishments," event organizers, and more. Those wanting to apply will be able to submit paper applications but are urged to apply online to speed up the process.

The two-step application process that starts on November 1st will include prequalification and establishment licensing. The prequalification process will include background checks for applicants and an application fee for the main applicant after all the applications have been submitted. The application fee is $6,000. After prequalification has been approved, the applicant moves on to the next step, which is establishment licensing.

For a complete list of requirements and more information, visit the Marijuana Regulatory Agency here. 

Source: MLive

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